Tapas Lunch with Le Creuset

On Friday 23 September 2016, Le Creuset invited some of their loyal customers for a taste of contemporary cool as chef Ivor Jones (of Chef’s Warehouse at Beau Constantia) served up a mouth-watering tapas menu, creatively bringing together different cuisines for an enticing fusion of flavours.

Award-winning Chef Liam Tomlin was also on hand to join the fun as a surprise guest. Ginger and Lime’s guests enjoyed a relaxed poolside setting for their sit-down lunch, and guests were also each treated to a customised Le Creuset gift.

Thank you to Gillian MacGregor, the PR & Events Manager for these gorgeous pictures. View their blog here.

Liam Tomlin joins us in the kitchen once again for his Tapas Menu at the Ginger & Lime food studio in November. Visit our Facebook page for updates.

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