Our tables decked with Clear World’s San Pellegrino

You may have noticed the gorgeous shelves filled with delish water, thanks to Clear World (South Africa) our guests enjoy this at most of our food experiences.

The primary item that Clear World sponsor to Ginger & Lime is the world renowned S.Pellegrino, this bottled water origins pure from a source at the foothills of the Italian Alps after a 30 year journey through the rocks. S.Pellegrino is the leading Italian lifestyle brand recognized worldwide for its heritage, quality, taste, and dedication to fine dining. Did you know that the first Bottle of S.Pellegrino water was packed in 1899? We did not know that either. Another cool fact is that one bottle of S.Pellegrino contains enough minerals for a normal persons nutritional daily requirements! San Pellegrino is represented on the tables of the best restaurants in 120 countries around the world and now at the work stations and dining counters of Ginger and Lime food studio.

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Liam Tomlin Sheldon Raju SPellegrino

Liam Tomlin & Sheldon Raju | Chef’s Warehouse

San Pellegrino Adrian Shields Ginger and Lime 2

Clear World Sponsor Photo by Adrian Shields

San Pellegrino Adrian Shields Ginger and Lime 1

Clear World Sponsor Photo by Adrian Shields

Ragandbone Ginger and Lime SPellegrino

@ragandbonebrand visits us during Nathalie’s Larsens #Vegan evening


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