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Hellobox Olive Oil – Salad Nicoise Deconstructed

IMG_3836 med ital saladThe Salad
300G Fresh Tuna Loin or midcut of Norwegian Salmon
1 small packet fine green beans  (blanched and cooled in ice water)
4 hard boiled eggs, shelled and quartered
1 Cos or Romaine lettuce
1 small packet baby or fir potatoes, unpeeled,  cooked and halved (not too mushy)
1 small punnet Cherry Tomatoes
1 cup black Olives pitted
1 small jar Capers
1 Red onion finely sliced
2 Lemons, juiced
Oregano (fresh)

Vinaigrette Dressing (mix all ingredients well)
2/3 cup Olive Oil
1/3 cup freshly squeezed Lemon juice
1 T Red Wine Vinegar
2 t English Mustard  (or Dijon if you prefer)
1 t Honey
black pepper and salt
1 clove crushed Garlic
Freshly chopped oregano (or dried if you don’t have)

Mix the vinaigrette first, so that it has time to infuse the flavours.

Slice the tuna or salmon into fairly thin slices, as you don’t want this to be too thick and remain raw inside.  Toss this in some olive oil and dried oregano.

Heat a non stick pan and add some butter and olive oil to this.  When hot, place the tuna or salmon on one side for about a minute and then turn and do the other side. This should be slightly pink inside, but not too rare. Take out, place in a bowl and squeeze over loads of lemon as well as some Maldon salt and fresh black pepper.  This can be broken up into flakes once cooked.

Take your salad platter and place the ingredients separately, so the guests can choose what they want to put into their salad.

You could also add chopped Cos lettuce leaves to the bottom of the dish. Garnish with fresh oregano.

Serve the dressing on the side for them to help themselves to.

Shop Olive Oil – Hello Box

thumb_IMG_E3922_1024 med ital salad

For the Love of Living Debut – The Beach House Collection Yzerfontein

Soul Food Retreat Yzerfontein Gabi Lowe

Upon reflection, it is such a difficult thing to pinpoint the moments that made these two incredible experiences that we have just hosted at The Beach House Collection, in Yzerfotnein, so special…. there were SO many!

Was it the magnificent beach house venue? Was it the food prepared with love? Was it the perfect mix of fabulous people? Was it the connection that happened between the people? Or in the case of the SOUL FOOD RETREAT, was it our amazing resource, Gabi Lowe? Was it the energetic connection that happened subconsciously between the people during the yoga & meditation session with Dominique?

I guess it is a combination of all of all of these things.

It had been my vision for a while to create this new side to the business, FOR THE LOVE OF LIVING experiences that would be more than just the evening FOR THE LOVE OF COOKING INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES at Ginger & Lime, as it seemed that our guests were ready for this. Gabi had been working on her WORKSHOPS, and was getting more and more requests for a retreat,  and so it seemed natural for us to do a collaboration.

Gabi and I spent many hours visualising what this would look like…chatting, planning and honing the model for the SOUL FOOD WORKSHOP.  We became more and more enthusiastic the more we put into the project. It has SO much potential, and we both see that. Then Gabi spent much time on the IKIGAI PRESENTATION, and the workshop element, and my team and I created the menu, planned the flow of the events, did the shopping and all the necessary preparation. My BEACH HOUSE COLLECTION Team prepared the houses for us……. and all was set to go!

Gabi Lowe The Coaching Nest - Jenna Lowe

Much energy, careful thought and detailed planning, as well as hours of discussion (often over a glass of wine, of course)  went into these projects, as you can image, as they don’t just happen. So with this, they take on a life of their own, and become a reality.

So the dates were in the diary, marketing began and the bookings started to flow in. With each one, we became more and more excited! You know when you are a kid and you aren’t sure if anyone is going to come to your party? That nervousness in the pit of your tummy…excited & scared all at the same time? Well that was us in a nutshell.

Soon the events were fully booked, and prep was in full flow. Katy and I headed out to Yzerfontein a day earlier, with our cars so full that we could hardly see out of them, and it was pouring cats and dogs! I have to say, the old back has taken a bit of strain with all the lifting, carrying and unpacking, but guess that is part of it all.

My team and I got busy in the kitchen, Gabi & Jaimi got stuck into setting up all the elements needed at the venue for the workshop, and the BHC team put the final touches to the rooms.  We all met up later on at White Sands for dinner, and to plan further.  We were all on a bit of a high, I have to say,  and you could feel the energy bouncing off the walls with our excitement.

IMG_6750 (1)

Then the next day, the guests arrived, and with this, we were officially launched.

Gabi really held the room with her compassion, understanding and her deep wisdom, as she shared her presentation on finding your purpose in life, or your IKIGAI..  She tapped into the core of each person there, and I know that every person felt this.  There was deep sharing, and this brave group did not hold back.  They were open and showed vulnerability, feeling safe and held, and trusting the process.  There were tears, but there was more laughter overall, which is fabulous!

IMG_6756 (1) IMG_6763 (1) IMG_6776 (1) IMG_6755 (1) IMG_6772 (1)

We served a nutritious and energising lunch, to make sure that our guests did not go into a slump.  The afternoon included playtime, in the form of Vision Boards, and the group (albeit some of them a tad reluctantly) got stuck in to this project, and some amazing work was created.

The sun came out, and it was a gorgeous day, so Gabi added in some exercises that would take place on the beach, to enjoy the fresh air and the nature.  This was followed by a session of yoga and exercises by Dominique, as well as a meditation.  The sunsets were spectacular, going from yellow to orange to deep deep scarlets.

IMG_7207 (1)

IMG_3761 (1) IMG_3784 (1) IMG_3816 (1)

IMG_0421 (1)

During the Yoga session with Dominique we went outside to appreciate this!

Dinner was an interactive cooking experience, which everyone jumped at and got stuck in.  People mingled freely, chatting openly to each other, forming deep connections over the chopping boards & steaming pots.  I remember looking around at some point, and my heart was singing with happiness to see this.

A few people decided the night was too good to end too early, and had a bit of a party, but hey…. it was a day of digging deep, which can be stressful, so a release is called for sometimes.
IMG_3832 (1) IMG_3835 (1) IMG_3823 (1) IMG_3820 (1) IMG_3849 (1)

There was more retreat work the next day, and we finished off around lunchtime.

Goals were set, practical steps were put in place for going forward, and firm friendships were formed.  The team sat down and chatted after this, and we really felt that it was an amazing experience. We are getting feedback to see how our guests feel, and how we can improve or any changes we can make, but we are so happy with the result.
We look forward to many many more such retreats, and are looking to add in more resources to add even more value to appeal to more people.

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Join us at the Enchanted Cirque Production this September

GL circus 1

We are excited to announce that the Ginger & Lime food studio is partnering with the Enchanted Cirque Production as they begin their world tour in Cape Town this September. We have now been welcomed into the Enchanted family and we are thrilled at the opportunity to contribute to the success of their incredible productions this season!

Please come join us and become part of the magic with Ginger & Lime as we step into character as menu magicians and food engineers. From the moment you walk in to the Enchanted Spiegel tent you will be transported to a world of magic and mystery and a stimulation of all the senses! The carefully curated menu is intended to immerse the observer even deeper into the Enchanted world set before them.

Our intention is to add to the already incredible ambience of this production creating moments between people as they connect with one another through the unique experience during the performance and on the plate at each show. As the spectacle unfolds, we hope that you do enjoy our clean, crisp and purposeful flavour journey alongside us.

We wish that our intent and passion to create an experience to complement Enchanted’s world class flair will no doubt leave you with an undeniable desire to share this encounter with others.

book now enchantedCorp bookings enchanted

Menu header enchanted

SHARING PLATES:  for 2 – 3 people

Spiegel & Smiegel Sharing Indulgence 

Cheese and Charcuterie Platter
A Selection of Cheeses:
Creamy Cheese dip with fresh herbs
Lemony Hummus
Beetroot, Apple & Plum Relish
Preserved Lemon Slices
Selection of Italian cured meats: Salami, Proscuito, Coppa
Seasonal fresh Fruit selection: Grapes, Melon & Nectarines
Bread Basket with Crackers, Bread Sticks and Artisanal Breads

w/ The Dragon Tree Red wine

Gourmet SA Platter
Droewors Sticks & Sliced Beef Biltong
Caramelised Onion Marmalade
Sweet Potato and Pea Samosas
Grilled Mielie bites with a Smokey Paprika Butter
Traditional Snoek Pate with Melba Toast
Creamy Peppadew & Feta dip
Malay 3 Bean Curried Salad
Danja chutney
Cracker selection


Beetroot & Salt Cured Norwegian Salmon Slices with Horseradish Creme Fraiche & Pink Peppercorns, Popped with Beetroot Sprouts

 Ginger and Lime Enchanted Signature Plate

Seared Beef Tataki Served on Bed of Wasabi Mayo Poppy Seed Noodles, Topped with Julienned Seaweed Strips, Spring Onion and an Umami Tosa-Zu dressing

Crispy blanched Asian Greens topped with edamame beans, toasted coconut flakes, sesame seeds and a spicy Ginger & Lime dipping sauce

 Red with Passion
Skewer of Roasted, Aromatic Vegetables  (butternut/ sweet potato, mushroom & red peppers) with a Fragrant Red Curry Sauce, Topped with Fresh Coriander and Toasted Sesame Seeds

Topless Beef Slider Trio
A Trio of Topless, Homemade Beef Sliders each Offering a Unique Taste Experience:  an Asian Barbecue Sauce, Sriracha Mayonnaise, an Asian Slaw. Served with a pickle skewer

The above menu is subject to changes due to produce supply

Love Cape Town Tourism International Media Lunch

The Cape Town Tourism International Media Lunch

at Ginger and Lime food studio

Cape Town tourism brought international media to Ginger and Lime for a South African feast.

Cape Town Tourism 1 Setup 001 Cape Town Tourism 1 Setup 016 Cape Town Tourism 1 Setup 015 Cape Town Tourism 1 Setup 014 Cape Town Tourism 1 Setup 013 Cape Town Tourism 1 Setup 012 Cape Town Tourism 1 Setup 011 Cape Town Tourism 1 Setup 010 Cape Town Tourism 1 Setup 009 Cape Town Tourism 1 Setup 008 Cape Town Tourism 1 Setup 007 Cape Town Tourism 1 Setup 005 Cape Town Tourism 1 Setup 004 Cape Town Tourism 1 Setup 003 Cape Town Tourism 1 Setup 002

The Food

BOEREWORS SNACK on braai with tomato relish/ mustard/ caramelised onions/ rolls

SEARED VENISON SKEWERS (done on the braai) with traditional South African pap and a cumin-pomegranate and fig glaze (also option of mushrooms)
MASALA LINE FISH of the day with a lentil curry
LAMB CURRY with sambals
OSTRICH BOBOTIE with yellow rice

KOEKSISTER ICE CREAM with reduced melktert liquer

Cape Town Tourism 5 the food 014 Cape Town Tourism 5 the food 013 Cape Town Tourism 5 the food 012 Cape Town Tourism 5 the food 011 Cape Town Tourism 5 the food 010 Cape Town Tourism 5 the food 009 Cape Town Tourism 5 the food 008 Cape Town Tourism 5 the food 007 Cape Town Tourism 5 the food 006 Cape Town Tourism 5 the food 005 Cape Town Tourism 5 the food 004 Cape Town Tourism 5 the food 003 Cape Town Tourism 5 the food 002 Cape Town Tourism 5 the food 001

The Chef

Siphokazi from Masterchef came to play with us in the kitchen and was a hit with the guests.

Cape Town Tourism 3 Siphokazi001 Cape Town Tourism 3 Siphokazi004 Cape Town Tourism 3 Siphokazi003 Cape Town Tourism 3 Siphokazi002

The Sponsors

Hope on Hopkins | Uber Ice Tea | Groot Constantia

Cape Town Tourism 2 Sponsors 009 Cape Town Tourism 2 Sponsors 008 Cape Town Tourism 2 Sponsors 007 Cape Town Tourism 2 Sponsors 006 Cape Town Tourism 2 Sponsors 005 Cape Town Tourism 2 Sponsors 004 Cape Town Tourism 2 Sponsors 003 Cape Town Tourism 2 Sponsors 002 Cape Town Tourism 2 Sponsors 001 Cape Town Tourism 1 Setup  006

Ginger & Lime is on Travelstart!

Travelstart featured us in their favourite foodie and cooking experiences on their website. If you live elsewhere in the country, book your cheap flights via Travelstart and come and share a dining experience in Denise’s beautiful home and cook your heart out!

Ginger and Lime with cheap flights on Travel Start Fun Cooking Classes

Travel Agent & Cape Town Tourism Brunch

The Ginger & Lime food studio team hosted a brunch at the Peppermint Palace in March for travel agents and other like minded individuals in the Cape Town Tourism scene. Much fun was had and we think the fig dessert went down rather well! For more information on how we can work together please email us on or visit this link for the presentation at the brunch.

All our courses and your private events can be booked via the email address above. Most our cooking experiences are available via this online booking system (subject to change).

IMG_6218 IMG_6219 IMG_6213 Denise Kim kitchen Ginger and Lime Cape Town Best Tourism IMG_6217 IMG_6209 IMG_6208 Figs Ginger and Lime Cape Town Best Tourism Denise Ginger and Lime Cape Town Best Tourism Cheese Board Ginger and Lime Cape Town Best Tourism

Tapas Lunch with Le Creuset

On Friday 23 September 2016, Le Creuset invited some of their loyal customers for a taste of contemporary cool as chef Ivor Jones (of Chef’s Warehouse at Beau Constantia) served up a mouth-watering tapas menu, creatively bringing together different cuisines for an enticing fusion of flavours.

Award-winning Chef Liam Tomlin was also on hand to join the fun as a surprise guest. Ginger and Lime’s guests enjoyed a relaxed poolside setting for their sit-down lunch, and guests were also each treated to a customised Le Creuset gift.

Thank you to Gillian MacGregor, the PR & Events Manager for these gorgeous pictures. View their blog here.

Liam Tomlin joins us in the kitchen once again for his Tapas Menu at the Ginger & Lime food studio in November. Visit our Facebook page for updates.

Le Creuset Peppermint Palace Le C 022-1-1500x2100 Le C 021-1-1500x1000 Le C 020-1-1500x2250 Le C 019-1-1500x2250 Le C 018-1-1500x2250 Le C 017-1-1500x1000 Le C 016-1-1500x2100 Liam Tomlin Ivor Jones Beau Constantia Chefs Warehouse Le C 014-1-1500x1000 Le C 013-1-1500x1000 Ginger and Lime Liam Tomlin Le C 011-1-1500x2100 Le C 010-1-1500x740 Le C 009-1500x2100 Le C 008-1500x1000 Le C 007-1500x1000 Ivor Jones Ginger and Lime Le C 005-1500x1000 Le C 004-1500x1317 Le C 003-1500x1000

TV Show Star and Private Chef Neill Anthony visits Ginger & Lime

You’re invited to a master interactive class that will show you how to cater for the ultimate dinner party! Who better to lead the “lesson” than our favourite Food Network chef Neill Anthony from the hit series “Private Chef”. Neill will demo all dishes and talk our guests through what you can pre prepare so that you don’t have to spend your dinner party evening in the kitchen. We have such a fantastic evening planned. Book early and ensure to arrive with an empty stomach and an open heart!

Book your Cape Town cooking class in Fresnaye by contacting us:
Kim at the food studio 072 0411038 or email us

27 Jul Neill Anthony Int

To start creamy pea and Parmesan hummus with homemade cheese straws
Fish Spice crusted line fish, red quinoa, almonds, cumin Creme fraiché
Mains Braised lamb shoulder, glazed sweet potato, baby spinach, Aubergine and red miso
Sweet Warm cinnamon doughnuts, buttermilk Panna cotta

Neill Picture1-1

The Neill Anthony we are super excited to host is based in Cape Town. Neill has trained in kitchens of Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Wareing and other big international cooking greats. Now he spends his time creating incredible dishes in the homes of prestigious clients, socialite friends, and fun-loving acquaintances transforming their dining experiences into exclusive and private dinner extravaganzas. Now, after partnering with Okhule Media (local TV producers), Neill has launched himself into a TV journey with his own 13-Part TV Series “Private Chef” – broadcast locally on South African television as well as on the screens of 98 countries within the EMEA region, Food Network has been the launch pad for his international exposure. More info on and follow him on Twitter @neiLLanthony

Neill Anthony Portrait Neill Anthony Screenshot Neill Anthony Screenshot

Book your Cape Town cooking class in Fresnaye by contacting us:
Kim at the food studio 072 0411038 or email us



Himalayan Salt Slabs for Cooking

5 Easy Steps to Cooking on Himalayan Salt:
Heating Himalayan salt slabs requires following some basic steps. Allow between 30 to 45 minutes to achieve the desired cooking temperature. Your Himalayan salt plate will crackle slightly while heating, especially the first time, as micro-fissures appear, giving the pink salt the elasticity it needs to expand as it increases in temperature. Heating will change the appearance of your Himalayan Salt plate, so if you are in love with your salt plate just the way it is, you may wish to buy a different block especially for heating and cooking.

  1. Be sure the salt block is completely dry. If wet, allow to dry at least 14 hours in a warm, dry place before heating.
  2. For gas ranges, place your Himalayan Salt Block on the burner over low flame. (For electric ranges, place a metal spacer—such as wok ring or pastry tin with a removable bottom—on the stove so that the Himalayan Salt Block is at least 1/2 inch above the heating element.)
  3. After 20 minutes, increase heat to low-medium. After another 10 minutes, your salt plate will be hot enough to cook on.
  4. Verify the plate is hot enough by flicking a drop of water on top and noting a brisk sizzle.
  5. Add the food of your choice. No seasoning necessary.

Remember though: Himalayan salt blocks take on a life of their own when you start using them (and sometimes even before then). While it might be nice for salt to offer all the stability of stainless steel, this is simply not the case. When heated, it will change color dramatically, and may develop fissures. Don’t get upset by the behavior of your salt block. Salt is a complicated, wily, unpredictable substance. That is what gives it much of its charm.

Salt slabs Universal Vision Adrian Shields










Serving Food on Himalayan Salt Blocks & Salt Bowls
Using Himalayan salt blocks at cold room and room temperatures requires no special instructions. Just prepare and serve the food on a salt platter and serve. Keep in mind that the moister the foods the quick it will pick up saltiness from the pink salt block. Salt Bowls are great for serving and eating salads out of, or serve a sorbet or other desert in a unique way that lightly salts the food.

RECIPE: Fish on Salt Slab
Ingredients Salt slab Fish of your choice (fresh salmon works very well) 2-3 lemons, sliced Extra Virgin Olive oil

1. Heat the salt slab according to instruction
2. Take a few drops of olive oil and smear the salt slab with it (have some kitchen towel handy for this)
3. Place the fish or fish fillets on the salt slab and close the lid. Braai for 4 to 5 minutes.
4. Turn the fish or fish fillets over and braai for 2 more minutes lid closed.
5. Place some lemon slices on the fish when you turn fish over.

Salt slabs 2 Universal Vision Adrian Shields



Our tables decked with Clear World’s San Pellegrino

You may have noticed the gorgeous shelves filled with delish water, thanks to Clear World (South Africa) our guests enjoy this at most of our food experiences.

The primary item that Clear World sponsor to Ginger & Lime is the world renowned S.Pellegrino, this bottled water origins pure from a source at the foothills of the Italian Alps after a 30 year journey through the rocks. S.Pellegrino is the leading Italian lifestyle brand recognized worldwide for its heritage, quality, taste, and dedication to fine dining. Did you know that the first Bottle of S.Pellegrino water was packed in 1899? We did not know that either. Another cool fact is that one bottle of S.Pellegrino contains enough minerals for a normal persons nutritional daily requirements! San Pellegrino is represented on the tables of the best restaurants in 120 countries around the world and now at the work stations and dining counters of Ginger and Lime food studio.

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Liam Tomlin Sheldon Raju SPellegrino

Liam Tomlin & Sheldon Raju | Chef’s Warehouse

San Pellegrino Adrian Shields Ginger and Lime 2

Clear World Sponsor Photo by Adrian Shields

San Pellegrino Adrian Shields Ginger and Lime 1

Clear World Sponsor Photo by Adrian Shields

Ragandbone Ginger and Lime SPellegrino

@ragandbonebrand visits us during Nathalie’s Larsens #Vegan evening